Stainless steel cable net can be used for vegetation climbing net

Stainless steel climbing rope net is widely used to shape and grow climbing plants, because the material is made of stainless steel 304 or 316, which is suitable for long time use and has a service life of 30 years.
Especially suitable for humid environment.

Features: good toughness, strong plant climbing resistance, impact resistance, collision resistance, resistance to deformation and damage caused by external impact, excellent cushioning.
Net surface flat, unique lines, solid overall structure, generous appearance.
Can be integrated with the surrounding environment, playing a very good decoration and protection role.
Good transport and installation of products, light - resistant, long use time.


(1) close to nature, green and environment-friendly, effectively protect birds' feathers and animals' skin, effectively prevent rodents and other animals from biting, and provide animals with a safe and comfortable living environment;

(2) lightweight, high strength, never rust, good flexibility, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, strong breaking force, solid and durable overall structure, with service life of more than 30 years;

(3) convenient construction, simple installation and suitable for any conditions.

(4) excellent perspective, luxurious appearance and novel style, itself is a big landscape



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