Stainless steel aviary mesh

Stainless steel aviary mesh are very common animal cages, usually in zoos. Large bird cages use large stainless steel bird cage nets to provide a more open and natural living environment for large birds.

The large birdhouse net of Weiyue Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory is made of stainless steel wire rope with good physical properties. It is strong, soft, flexible, and has strong tensile strength. Moreover, the material itself has excellent properties of stainless steel, no rust, no aging, and a service life of up to 30 years.

The processing technology of Weiyue stainless steel aviary mesh is very different from that of ordinary stainless steel wire rope ring. By improving the processing technology, the buckle is removed, and the stainless steel wire rope is directly inserted and knotted.
The finished product has better material consistency, stronger permeability and light transmission. Avoid strong reflections in the sun and be lighter. Moreover, it avoids the mesh deformation and the gap caused by the sliding of the buckle.



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