Animal fence net specification selection

Animal Fence Net Specification Selection - Weiyue Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory
As an animal protection base and exhibition venue, the zoo will expand the variety of animals as much as possible. Then you need to build different cages for them. Stainless steel animal animal cage rope net is suitable for almost all kinds of building materials. How to choose the specifications according to the animal species?

Animals in the zoo are roughly divided into these categories: birds, large beasts, primates, herbivores and some small animals.

Birds: Space that needs to fly freely, the aviary should have enough height and space.
Large beasts: such as lion tiger leopards. These animals need safe habitats, they are powerful and require a stronger fence.
Primates: There are many primates, such as gorillas and monkeys. Their habitat needs to be entertaining and the space needs to be large.
Herbivorous animals: This type of animal only needs a basic fence and does not require a fully enclosed cage.

Small animals: mainly to prevent small animals from escaping, or foreign invaders entering the cage to harm them. Therefore, the selection of specifications is very important.

Animal fence net specification selection

Small birds: HM1225, HM1238, HM1625
Large birds: HM1251, HM1276, HM1651
Raptor such as Eagle: HM1651, HM2038, HM2051

Large beast
Lions, tigers, leopards, bears, etc.: HM3251, HM3276
Wolf, fox, etc.: HM2451, HM3251

Small monkeys: HM2038, HM2051, HM2451
Gorilla: HM2451, HM2476

Giraffe, zebra, etc.: HM2076, HM2476, HM2490
Sika deer, antelope, etc.: HM1676, HM2051, HM2076

Small animal
Little raccoon, little panda, koala, etc.: HM1638, HM2038

If you don't know how to choose animal fence specifications, feel free to email us. We will recommend the appropriate specifications for your specific situation.



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