Stainless steel rope net for zoo mesh & animal enclosures

Weiyue stainless steel zoo rope net alias zoo protective net, stainless steel flexible protective net, etc., is small animal cat fence net, animal purse net, animal cage net, zoo fence and other places for animal-specific protective net.

The stainless steel zoo rope net product is made of high-quality stainless steel wire and is suitable for various animal protection fences in zoos, safari parks, animal protection areas, ambulance stations, performance fields, farms, pet gardens, etc., corrosion-resistant and rust-free. It is transparent, does not block the line of sight, has good flexibility, can be folded and arbitrarily folded, protects the animal's fur from damage, and has a large tensile strength of the stainless steel animal fence. It can easily block all kinds of beasts and raptors, beautiful and environmentally friendly, and natural. Integration, giving animals a free and healthy living environment.

Weiyue stainless steel zoo rope net has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, green and environmental protection, and has a good viewing line. It has no sense of restraint and can better adapt animals to the environment and show the most realistic ecological habits.



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