Stainless steel woven aviary rope mesh

Stainless steel woven aviary rope mesh is the best aviary net.

In the past, many pet birds lived a lonely, miserable life in a small bird cage. People are increasingly aware that birds need better care, which means that 36% of birds will be placed in more suitable outdoor aviaries.

Weiyue Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory supports the animal welfare of the zoo, and we encourage humans to consider the welfare of animals. That's why we offer a wide range of stainless steel woven aviary rope nets and a variety of animal cage nets for custom high quality bird aviaries and animal cages.

Weiyue Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory is one of the most experienced suppliers of bird nets and zoo nets in China. It can produce custom wire diameter, mesh size, mesh width and length. We use the most sophisticated technology to achieve superior precision throughout the manufacturing process, including aperture size, wire diameter and wire mesh size.

The mesh size of the stainless steel birdhouse rope net is usually 10m*20m (height*width), and the production size of the mesh can be adjusted according to the specific application and product specifications.

Weiyue Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory pays attention to customer satisfaction. The factory offers customized services including material, aperture size, wire diameter and mesh size. Our production line is designed to meet your needs with fast, highly flexible adaptability.



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