Zoo stainless steel mesh fence

The Weiyue Zoo Fence Network provides visitors with a unique view of the animals.

Today, the zoo animal fence made of durable wire rope mesh provides a new solution for animal exhibitions. Old-fashioned methods usually limit them to living areas, usually in cages.

The stainless steel wire rope mesh is the ultimate transparent mesh structure and the main load-bearing structure. Its various mesh sizes are suitable for all animal species, allowing visitors to closely observe gorillas, monkeys and large cats.

This application of stainless steel wire rope mesh will provide better conditions for animal protection education. The special structure of the stainless steel woven mesh can create an open environment for the observer. Because it can be integrated with natural scenery.

The cages made of stainless steel wire mesh usually have the following characteristics:

Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not afraid of animal tearing and biting.

Highly adaptable, stretchable or tailored to suit a variety of designs.

An invisible barrier that provides an open view.

Lightweight and strong enough to provide safety for animals and people.

Flexible and easy to install, low maintenance costs.

Here are some reference examples of zoo architecture:



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