Stainless steel wire rope mesh bag

Stainless steel rope net, wire rope woven mesh bag, stainless steel net bag, stainless steel rope mesh bag - stainless steel rope net, mainly used for luggage anti-cutting anti-theft, loading heavy objects, etc. Its high flexibility and tensile strength can fully carry the loaded items. Protection.

The stainless steel wire rope mesh bag is used for the bag anti-cut protection net, and is generally lined in the bag, so that it does not affect the appearance and enhances the safety protection performance of the bag. The wire rope woven net bag is woven with 304 stainless steel wire rope. When the bag is dirty, it can be arbitrarily cleaned. The soft wire rope net bag will not have any trouble, and it can be dried, and the inner wire rope net will not rust.

Wire rope mesh bag is a woven environmental protection net. It has the characteristics of large tensile strength, flexibility, softness, transparency, corrosion resistance, no rust, wind load resistance, beautiful appearance and long service life. It has good protection performance.

The material, specification and size of the wire rope net can be customized according to customer requirements. The common specifications are: rope diameter 1.2-3.2mm, mesh 20-150mm.



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