Stainless steel parrot birdhouse net

Stainless steel parrot birdhouse net
The birdhouse network is a major application of stainless steel braided rope mesh. The birdhouse network includes a large birdhouse network, a parrot birdhouse network, a bird net, a walk-in birdhouse network and more.

Introduced today is a walk-in parrot birdhouse network, the main material is the stainless steel birdhouse network produced by the Weiyue rope net factory. Visitors can walk into the aviary, get in touch with the parrot, feed them, and interact with them.

Parrots are a typical type of climbing bird. The cockles are powerful and often chew the nets. Therefore, there is a higher requirement for cage net materials, which is not only durable but also non-toxic and harmless. The stainless steel braided rope mesh is a perfect material for the parrot bird net.

For parrot aviaries, use a 1.2mm or 1.6mm rope diameter. As for the mesh, it depends on the size of the bird. If it is a large aviary, a variety of birds will be placed, so the smallest bird is chosen as the standard.

The parrot net in the picture is a 20mm mesh, which is very safe and has a high degree of perspective. From a distance, the scenery in the bird park can be seen at a glance.

And because the stainless steel rope woven mesh is the main material, the structure of the entire birdhouse top net is very simple, very light, but extremely strong. It is a long-lived material that does not rust. If it is a seaside environment, it is recommended to choose a more corrosion-resistant 316 material.

As a walk-in aviary, it makes it possible to get close to birds. At the same time, it also provides a huge space for birds to fly.

These advantages of stainless steel rope woven mesh are incomparable to other common materials. It will be cumbersome, sealed, and isolated, bringing closer contact between people and animals.

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