Stainless Steel Aviary Net, Birdcage Net

Since its establishment, Weiyue Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Factory has been committed to the safety research of aviary nets and birdcage nets. We have researched and produced stainless steel woven nets and stainless steel nets, which have played a very good role in the safe isolation and protection of birds in domestic and foreign fields such as zoos, botanical gardens and bird sanctuaries.

The design of the fence of the Weiyue stainless steel woven net zoo always keeps two principles in mind:

1. Meet the requirements of bird life health and natural habits (the animals in the bird zoo are generally divided into dense, special, and regional)

2. Grasp the needs of tourists and let them see animals as close as possible.

From the above principles, we can know that the construction of bird parks and flying birdhouses is a hidden and safe place, which not only ensures that birds do not leave the birdhouse area, but also does not allow outside animals and accidental factors to harm the birds class.

The stainless steel wire rope net produced by Weiyue Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory has a uniform mesh, a good view, and integration with nature, which can provide a comfortable environment for the natural life of birds. Stainless steel rope nets are used as bird cages, aviary nets can also resist severe weather, can be used for a long time, and have high tensile strength, which is very suitable for various birds, such as parrots. Therefore, the design of bird parks on stainless steel rope nets must fully understand bird life, geography, ecology, tourists, breeders and so on. Ensure the safety of birds' comfortable lives.



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