Macaw cage net

The macaw cage net is also known as the macaw fence net, the stainless steel macaw cage net, and the parrot wire rope weaving net. It is an ecological zoo net and zoo fence, woven from stainless steel rope.

Weiyue Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory is a metal eco-network manufacturer that supplies high-strength hand-woven stainless steel mesh for macaw cage display and barrier purse, which can be widely used in zoos and wild parrot parks. We have a variety of large parrot cage nets.

Hand-woven stainless steel rope mesh is ideal for macaw cages and macaw exhibition nets.

What is hand-woven stainless steel rope net:

The flexible hand-woven stainless steel wire mesh material is made of high-quality stainless steel wire rope, and the stainless steel wire rope grade includes SUS 304 / 304L type and 316 / 316L type.

The flexible hand-woven stainless steel mesh is a diamond mesh with excellent flexibility and can be stretched into any shape. The wire rope mesh is very strong, almost indestructible, and has the strongest impact and damage resistance. Not afraid of humidity, no rust, most resistant to rain, snow, hurricanes.

Macaw parrot net, Macaw bird net recommended specifications:

Wire rope net #2051;

Rope diameter: 2.0 mm;

Aperture: 51 mm x 51 mm;

Size: customized according to customer requirements.



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