304 Stainless steel rope net for zoo

304 Stainless Steel Rope Net for zoo - Weiyue Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory

The 304 stainless steel rope net produced by Weiyue Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory is an ideal substitute for fences and barriers. It can be used for the construction of zoo fences, animal cages, isolation barriers, etc. It is a practical and beautiful design material.

Stainless steel rope nets are a trend for zoos and design projects. Why do you say that?

Around the world, more and more animal parks, safari parks and bird parks use stainless steel wire mesh as the material of choice for new animal enclosures. It may not be too confident when you first start using it, but after so many successful experiences, the advantages of stainless steel rope fences have been recognized, and this positive and successful experience is spread among experts and industry.

More and more people have realized that stainless steel woven rope nets are an ideal fence replacement material.

The 304 stainless steel rope mesh for zoo is safety-certified and has excellent weatherability and durability, requiring virtually no maintenance. Even if the initial cost is relatively high, it is relatively cost-effective.

Weiyue Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory is a Chinese supplier specializing in the production and sales of stainless steel rope nets. Since the early 1990s, it has been involved in this industry. After years of development, we have transformed into a company integrating R&D, production and sales. Thanks to the exquisite processing technology and unique products, it has won a lot of praise in the industry.

There are many types of stainless steel rope nets, among which the ferrule net and the woven net are the most classic. Weiyue Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory produces stainless steel woven mesh because its advantages are clear. The 304 Zoo's stainless steel rope mesh can withstand greater pressure than the ferrule wire rope mesh of the same rope diameter, so a thinner zoo net can be used to increase the visibility.

This feature makes stainless steel woven rope nets more popular with zoo cage designers.

Stainless steel braided nets were originally used for monkeys and birds, but now only need to adjust the rope diameter and aperture to easily adapt to a variety of animals.

The use of stainless steel rope nets in the zoo for the zoo has a bright future because it can be designed in any shape and can be produced in any size or connected to any frame that fits the frame.



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