Drop Preventing Net

  • Dropped Object Prevention Net
  • Dropped Object Prevention Net
  • Dropped Object Prevention Net
Dropped Object Prevention NetDropped Object Prevention NetDropped Object Prevention Net

Dropped Object Prevention Net

  • Material: SS316
  • Weaving type: ferrule
  • Wire diameter: 1.5mm
  • Product description: Dropped Object Prevention Net

Dropped Object Prevention Net is a net woven from stainless steel wire according to the size of the product supplied by the customer, which can effectively prevent the falling of the item.

Where to use
1.Fixtures located above personnel
2.Fixtures on mobile equipment (e.g. crane booms, derricks, drill rigs, draglines and shovels)
3.Fixtures in potential impact zones of mobile equipment
4.Fixtures and mountings exposed to vibration wear and fatigue
5.Fixtures prone to oxidation and galvanic corrosion
6.Fixtures located above important or expensive equipment
7.Fixtures located in areas difficult to access for maintenance or inspection
8.Securing items being replaced, maintained repaired in situ

Dropped Object prevention Net is made of 316 stainless steel wire, with high strength and corrosion resistance, and the maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 300kg.

Drop safety net is a good safety solution for the oil&gas industry, and is widly used as dropped object preventing nets for floodlights, speaker, and other heavy objects, on the oil&gas or marine services.

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