Aviary Netting

  • Aviary mesh
  • Aviary mesh
  • Aviary mesh
Aviary meshAviary meshAviary mesh

Aviary mesh

  • Material:304.304L.316.316L
  • The way of weaving:Buckle and Cross weaving
  • The Angle:60°and 90°
  • Date issued:2013-12-20 13:09:30
  • Product description: Aviary mesh is also known as stainless steel woven mesh, wire rope protection net, animal cage net, zoo fence, flexible protective net, stainless steel protective net and so on.

Stainless steel Aviary Mesh introduction

[Features of stainless steel Aviary Mesh]:

1. The stainless steel Aviary Mesh surface is soft, which can effectively protect the birds from damage to feathers during flight collision;

2. The stainless steel rope net is durable and has high tensile strength and the service life can reach more than 30 years;
3. Custom mesh size can effectively cover the top and the surrounding of the bird cage. And the installation is flexible and simple;
4. Beautiful and high-grade, close to nature, is a green environmental protection net, excellent permeability;
5. Stainless steel Aviary Mesh net is corrosion-resistant, never rust, wind-resistant frost and snow, very suitable for outdoor large bird cages.

Stainless steel rope net is also known as stainless steel woven net, steel wire rope protective net, animal cage net, zoo purse net, flexible protective net, stainless steel protective net, etc., widely used in garden remodeling of various bird cage nets, bird language network , bird fence net, bird garden fence, bird language forest fence, stainless steel bird net, commonly used Baiyu language forest protection net, parrot cage net, peacock purse, flamingo cage net, red top crane cage net , Eagle protection net, ostrich purse, etc. The products are made of high-quality stainless steel wire, and the raw materials are all imported from Korea and Japan. Stainless steel rope bird language forest network will never rust, good softness resistance, fatigue resistance, impact resistance and breaking force, overall structure is sturdy and durable, luxurious appearance, novel form; soft touch, can effectively protect bird feathers, good visibility, transparent , the service life is more than 30 years.